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March 18, 2016

And so it begins…


dd & alex in Permy booth

Despite the incessant chatter of my restless mind, at the core of my being, I always knew that it’s possible to feel grateful for all that is, as it is, in the present moment. My lifelong quest has been to discover how to be radiantly healthy, peaceful and joyful.

Having grown up on the east coast of the USA in a busy, modern 20th century family, we bought our food, medicine, & gifts at stores and rarely made anything ourselves.

My husband and I met during a Permaculture Design Course and created a food forest to experiment with self-sufficiency. It has been an inspiring journey to grow our own food & make our own medicine from plants we have grown. We feel deeply satisfied when we share it with others on tours, as interns, and through our products.

Beyond Organic was created to share information, recipes and products so that everyone interested can live a healthier & happier life. In addition to exceeding Certified Organic (CCOF) standards, we invoke the Divine presence every day on the farm & in our products. Customers have commented on the positive energy they feel in our products.

We are a non-profit business and are grateful to serve you.

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